Everything you need to do e-commerce is available with me!

Less Cost More Sales

With me, you can sell without any restrictions on product uploads or website traffic, and you can start receiving your payments the very next day!

Bring Innovation to Your Company


This is the best option for those who want to create their online presence.

$ 1520

After 1 year:
Annual renewal content: *Server refresh, estimated price $250.
*Website maintenance, updates, 24/7 uninterrupted support, estimated price $150.


This package is perfect for medium-sized businesses looking to venture into the world of online stores and initiate their online sales with confidence!

$ 2540

After 1 year:
Annual renewal content: *Server refresh, estimated price $600.
*Website maintenance, updates, 24/7 uninterrupted support, estimated price $300.


This is the choice of big businesses and corporations that wish maintain their online presence.

$ 5970

After 1 year:
Annual renewal content: *Server refresh, estimated price $1470.
*Website maintenance, updates, 24/7 uninterrupted support, estimated price $600.

A little note before we start:

I include a specific quantity of products on each e-commerce site I create for you. When reviewing the packages, you will notice sections titled “Adding a Product” and “Editing a Product Image.” Within these sections, I have outlined the number of product images I will edit as part of the package, as well as the quantity of products I will add to your website. If you find that you lack the time to add products and prefer that I handle all product additions on your behalf, please reach out to me after comparing the different package options.
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  • Professional
  • Business
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Virtual POS
Lightning Speed E-Commerce Site
Unlimited Products and Web Space
Web Traffic 1500GB/Year 2000GB/Year 4500GB/Year
Email Account 10 Units 40 Units 100 Units
Content Management
Store Management Mobile Application
Free SSL Certificate
24/7 Customer Support
Digital Product
Compare System
Wish List
Variation Swatches
Product Size Guide
Upsell & Cross-sell
WhatsApp Order
One Page Payment
Google Tracking
Manager Authorization System
PDF Invoices & Packing Slips
Social Login
Social Chat
Adding Product 100 pcs. 500 pcs. 1000 pcs.
Product Image Edit 100 pcs. 500 pcs. 1000 pcs.
Quantity Management
Catalog Mode
Instagram Store
Sequential Order Numbers
Free Shipping Bar
Shipment Tracking
Coupon Wheel
Smart Coupons
Order Bump
Extra Product Options
Live Chat
Currency Switcher
Dynamic Currency Converter
Selling by Subscription
Selling by Membership
Sales Report Email
Ticket Management System
Cart Reminder
Cart Reminder Edit
Multilingual Store
Affiliate System
B2B / Corporate Sales
Every Customized Solution At an Additional Cost At an Additional Cost At an Additional Cost
12 Installments in All Packages
I am a Worldwide Registered freelancer known for my Quality and Reliability

Frequently Asked Questions About E-commerce Packages

You can find answers to all your questions in this area.

What is E-commerce Package?

It is a software service that offers features that will allow you to sell your products on the internet in a ready-made package. E-commerce packages allow you to save both time and cost. You can open your e-commerce site within the same day by making your choice among DEVTURK's e-commerce packages according to the features you need.

What is an E-commerce Site?

E-commerce site refers to the area where sales transactions are made on the internet. Any site where you can buy/sell products over the internet is defined as an e-commerce site.

Are E-commerce Site Prices Payable Annually?

E-commerce site prices are paid annually. First, you choose the one that suits you among DEVTURK's ready-made e-commerce packages, then you pay the specified price for the service included in the package. Contracts made within this scope are for 1 year. At the end of 1 year, your license is renewed and you pay a one-year renewal fee for the continuation of these services.

What is the E-commerce Site Setup Cost?

E-commerce site setup costs vary. Here, a cost can be calculated by paying attention to basic points such as company establishment, product supply, agreement with cargo and payment systems, and e-commerce package selection. Considering the difference in the sector, the cost of e-commerce varies. However, the package price varies according to the features you need at the cost of the E-commerce Package. For details, you can check the package prices.

Can I Review the Demo Version of E-commerce Packages?

To examine the e-commerce package, you can try the demo version free of charge for 5 days (weekdays). With the e-commerce demo review, you can examine in detail all areas related to designs, including e-commerce admin management, product and order management.

Can I Upgrade My E-commerce Package After Purchase?

Yes. After receiving your e-commerce package, you can switch between packages and upgrade your package at any time. For example; After starting e-commerce with the Starter package, you can switch to any of the other top packages by paying the price difference.

Does DEVTURK Do the Entire Process of E-commerce Site Setup?

DEVTURK supports you during all the stages of creating your e-commerce site and after.(In fact, we are making your product entries for you as a service that no company has (up to the amount specified in the package!)) We never leave you alone on your e-commerce journey with our online support service (ticket), 24/7 telephone support service, help documents, and free training. You can contact us at any time with all your questions and support needs.

I have an e-commerce site, can I move it to DEVTURK Infrastructure?

Yes, it can be moved. Using XML, we can directly import your products and links into our infrastructure from the infrastructure provider you are currently using. After that, you can readily make additional modifications and site settings. Our e-commerce specialists can provide you with comprehensive information regarding infrastructure migration.

Are Services such as Domain Name, Hosting and SSL Included in the Package Fee?

Services such as domain name, hosting and SSL are included in our e-commerce packages. You do not need to pay a different fee for these services. These services are renewed every year with your annual renewal. If you have your own domain name, you can use your site in this domain.

Does DEVTURK Help Me Find Customers After I Open My Site?

DEVTURK does not offer any marketing support, but we guide you to gain new customers with free digital marketing training and agreements with business partners.

Can I Pay With Different Payment Methods While Purchasing an E-commerce Package?

You can get your e-commerce package with the opportunity of 12 installments by money order or credit card.

Are Software Updates Free?

Within the scope of our software updates that we announced with different versions throughout the year, our new updates and some of our features are reflected in your package free of charge.

Do I Have to Pay Additional Fees After Purchasing an E-commerce Package?

The features included in your current contract are included in your e-commerce package. However, if you want to upgrade your package or add new features to your package, you may have to pay an additional fee depending on the module and the desired service. You can get comprehensive information from your customer representative.

Do you have an Affordable Package Purchase Campaign?

In certain periods, there may be a price campaign in our e-commerce packages. In addition, we offer various discounts and gifts within the scope of the campaign. Do not forget to contact our customer representatives for special offers.

Can I Host an E-commerce Site on My Own Hosting?

No. You cannot host your e-commerce site on your own hoting. All services are offered in DEVTURK infrastructure within the scope of e-commerce packages. (The cheap hosting providers we will use or the companies we do not cooperate with may intentionally or unintentionally reduce the quality of the DEVTURK brand.)

I Bought an E-commerce Package, Where Should I Start?

After purchasing your e-commerce package, you can become an expert in the use of DEVTURK by participating in our applied panel and theoretical trainings that we offer free of charge. In addition to these trainings, you can also attend the digital marketing, marketplace and photography trainings we offer every month and learn e-commerce very quickly.

What are the Advantages of Buying a Ready E-commerce Package?

The design offered by DEVTURK's ready-made e-commerce packages allows you to prepare your e-commerce site without the need for technical and design knowledge, as well as instant virtual pos, advanced product and order management and 100% SEO compatible infrastructure.

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