Hello I'm Mahmut AKÇA

I am a WordPress and WooCommerce expert who develops corporate and E-commerce sites.

About Me

I have been managing websites and working as an e-commerce administrator for several companies since 2017. I have also built over 50 WordPress-based and e-commerce websites as a Freelancer at my own start-up company. I am currently looking for an opportunity to develop my know-how acquired so far and bring my expertise to the my customers.

Design (UI/UX)


How do I design?
UX simply means designing user experience. It is concerned with ensuring that users of the site or application can interact more comfortably with the service they use.
UI is user interface design. Unlike UX, it deals with user comfort-oriented visual designs. At this point, I am creating a site design by giving importance to both working areas.

Code (WordPress and Plug-in)


How do I ensure the speed and security of the Site?
I use all the necessary materials on every website I make and will do. There are quite a lot of tricks, I won’t be going through every single add-on security measure from this factor here.


Take a look at the things I do and the tools I use while doing the work!



You can see my field-based talents and skills from this line.



In this area, you can find questions and answers for everything that concerns your website. Happy reading..

At this point, I have spent 28,000 hours working in this in industry. I have completed over 88 jobs and I have solved over 100 problems during this time.

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Work Hours
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Coffee & Tea
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Mahmut Hüseyin AKÇA

I am a book written in the spring of May in the 90s. I was born on the 27th of May.

I opened my eyes to the world on the date I specified. After completing my primary and secondary education, I began my journey in business. After experiencing the difficulties that came with both life and running a business at an early age, I enrolled in an Open Education High School and continued my education on this path. After a challenging process I successfully completed my high school education.

Since I was a child, I had a keen interest in computers and videogames. I saw an opportunity, I wanted to turn this passion into a career. In 2017, I completed courses in Graphics, Photoshop, Web Software and Design. After successfully completing these courses, I worked as a website content editor for various companies. In addition to this, I managed e-commerce operations. In 2020, I decided to open a sole proprietorship and obtained my very own corporate identity. In the same year, I myself got involved in e-commerce. After accessing a variety of products, I opened my store in domestic virtual markets and began to make sales. In 2022, I wanted to move my business abroad, but I took a temporary break from the e-commerce scene due to the global debris left by the pandemic. I am a driven and passionate individual. I’m looking forward to what the future holds. Currently, I continue my web work as a freelancer.
Stay with Health, Respect and Love!

Videoyu oynat


You can access my CV as a PDF file from this button.


For every question you want to ask and every information you want to learn, you can reach me at any time of the day from this contact form.

Thank you for your interest!
Stay healthy..

Name: Mahmut AKÇA
Phone: +90 532 486 22 34
Address: İstanbul, Bayrampaşa





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